File:Serpente Nero by Anke Eißmann.jpgFile:Shadow of Mordor.pngFile:Shadow of War Helm Hammerhand.jpg
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File:Shelob's Retreat by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Shelob, Il Ritorno del Re.jpgFile:Shelob2.jpg
File:Shelob vs Beren.jpgFile:Ship kings of gondor by Matej cadil.jpgFile:Shirewide.jpg
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File:Smaug attacks Dale by Alan Lee.jpgFile:Smaug attacks Esgaroth.jpgFile:Smaug attacks Esgaroth by John Howe.jpg
File:Smaug attacks Esgaroth by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Smaug by Jeff Murray.jpgFile:Smaug by stawickiart.jpg
File:Smaug destroys.jpgFile:Smeagol 5.jpgFile:Smeagol domato by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Smog.jpgFile:Sméagol uccide Déagol.jpgFile:Snaga.jpg
File:Snaga2t.jpgFile:Soccorso di Niníel by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Soldati di Esgaroth by John Howe.jpg
File:Soldati di Gondor.jpgFile:Soldati di Gondor Guerra dell'Anello.jpgFile:Soldato della Guardia Reale di Númenor.jpg
File:Soldato di Númenor.jpgFile:Sole Tolkien.jpgFile:Song of the Mounds of Mundburg - Tolkien Ensemble
File:Soni Alcorn-Hender Flet.jpgFile:Sortita dei Rohirrim.jpgFile:Sovrintendente Beregond.jpg
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File:Specchio di Galadriel 1978.jpegFile:Specchio di Galadriel 2001.jpgFile:Specchio di Galadriel by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Spettri dell'Anello.jpgFile:Spettro dei Tumuli by John Howe.jpgFile:Spiders of Mirkwood.jpg
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File:Steamey - Hunting.jpgFile:Steamey - Vana the Ever-young.jpgFile:Steamey Making the Girdle of Melian.jpg
File:Stella di Arnor.pngFile:Stemma Araldico di Beren.gifFile:Stemma Araldico di Elendil.gif
File:Stemma Casa di Beor.jpgFile:Stemma Casa di Bëor.gifFile:Stemma Casa di Durin.png
File:Stemma Casa di Hador.gifFile:Stemma Casa di Haleth.gifFile:Stemma Casa di Thingol.jpg
File:Stemma Casata della Talpa.jpgFile:Stemma araldico di Finwe.pngFile:Stemma araldico di Gil-Galad.jpg
File:Stemma dei Corsari.jpgFile:Stemma dei Sovrintendenti di Gondor.jpgFile:Stemma dei Sovrintendenti di Gondor.png
File:Stemma della Casa di Durin.pngFile:Stemma della Casa di Elros.jpgFile:Stemma della Casa di Eorl.png
File:Stemma della Casa di Hador.jpgFile:Stemma della Casa di Haleth.jpgFile:Stemma della Casata del Fiore Dorato.jpg
File:Stemma di Celebrimbor.jpgFile:Stemma di Dol Amroth.pngFile:Stemma di Durin.jpg
File:Stemma di Earendil.gifFile:Stemma di Finrod.jpgFile:Stemma di Melian.gif
File:Stemma di Melian.jpgFile:Stemma idril.gifFile:Stemmi Dodici Casate.jpg
File:Stendardo Alto Re.jpgFile:Stephen Hickman - Gaffer Gamgee and the Black Rider.jpgFile:Steven Cavallo - Plague.jpg
File:Stone of the Hapless by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Stoned Trolls 2001.jpgFile:Stonefoot's Lord.jpg
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File:Sturoi.jpgFile:Sucidio di Niníel by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Suicidio di Turin.jpg
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File:TN-Teleri Ships Drawn by Swans.jpgFile:TN-The Argonath.jpgFile:TN-The Light of Valinor on the Western Sea.jpg
File:TN-The Mumak of Harad.jpgFile:TN-The Mumak of Harad by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:TN-The Nauglamir.jpg
File:TN-The Slaying of Glaurung.jpgFile:TN-The White Tree.jpgFile:TN-Turgon Receives Tuor and Voronwe.jpg
File:TN-Ulmo Appears before Tuor.jpgFile:TOLKIEN Official Trailer FOX SearchlightFile:TOLKIEN Trailer 2 FOX Searchlight
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File:Ted Nasmith - The Glittering Caves of Aglarond.jpgFile:Ted Nasmith - The Oath of Fëanor.jpgFile:Ted Nasmith - The Oathtaking of Cirion and Eorl.jpg
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File:Ted nasmith.jpgFile:Ted nasmith - Mîm pleads for his life.jpgFile:Ted nasmith - Turin returns to find beleg being held captive.jpg
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File:The Oathtaking of Cirion and Eorl.jpgFile:The Shadow of Sauron by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:The Terrace at Henneth Annun by Ted Nasmith.jpg
File:The Tolkien Ensemble - A Drinking Song (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD1)File:The Tolkien Ensemble - Elven Hymn To Elbereth Gilthoniel (I) (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD1)File:The Tolkien Ensemble - Song of Durin (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD2)
File:The Tolkien Ensemble - Song of Nimrodel (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD2)File:The Tolkien Ensemble - The Bath Song (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD1)File:The Tolkien Ensemble - The Ents' Marching Song (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD3)
File:The Tolkien Ensemble - The Ents' Marching Song (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD3)-0File:The Tolkien Ensemble - There Is An Inn, A Merry Old Inn (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD1)File:The Tolkien Ensemble - Treebeard's Song (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD3)
File:The Tolkien Ensemble - Verse of the Rings (II) (The Complete Songs & Poems - CD2)File:The Vilya ring.jpgFile:The War of the Last Alliance.jpg
File:The Witch-King sits on his throne in Angmar.JPGFile:The armies of the west by ivanalekseich.pngFile:The death of Celebrimbor by Abe Papakhian dbjkm48-fullview.jpg
File:The death of balin by davidgaillet.jpgFile:The death of celebrimbor by abepapakhian-d53u6xk.jpgFile:The death of feanor color by isilion72.jpg
File:The death of glaurung .jpgFile:The dragon helm of dor lomin .jpgFile:The dwarves of belegost.jpg
File:The falmari by gingertom84.jpgFile:The great worms attack by Turner Mohan.jpgFile:The key to orthanc by calealdarone-d4t9ql1.jpg
File:The old took.jpgFile:The one ring .jpgFile:The one ring animated.gif
File:The ride of the rohirrim .jpgFile:The ride of the rohirrim by abepapakhian-d2gx8ki.jpgFile:The siege of moria by Joona Kujanen.jpg
File:The three Silmarils.jpgFile:The three houses of the edain by 89ravenclaw-d5rfsrb.jpgFile:The three houses of the edain by 89ravenclaw.jpg
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File:Theodred 2002.jpgFile:Theodred Slain.jpgFile:Theodred in fight.jpg
File:They really died by steamey.jpgFile:Thingol's end.jpgFile:Thingol.jpg
File:Thingol and Melian.jpgFile:Thingol and luthien by steamey-d8e3yx6.jpgFile:Thingol dona Anglachel a Beleg by Elena Kukanova.jpg
File:Thingol e Finrod by Ironhill.jpgFile:Thingol e Melian.jpgFile:Thingol e Melian fan-art.jpg
File:Thingol guida il suo esercito by Elena Kukanova.jpgFile:Third age total war.jpgFile:Thirdagebox.jpg
File:Thorin's Halls LOTRO.jpgFile:Thorin's last words by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Thorin, Bard e Thranduil by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Thorin I.jpgFile:Thorin III Stonehelm.jpgFile:Thorin Scudodiquercia.png
File:Thorin and Bilbo by Alan Lee.jpgFile:Thorin by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Thorin e i corvi by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Thorin e la sua Compagnia.jpgFile:Thorin e la sua compagnia Lo Hobbit.pngFile:Thorin in blue mountains by Matej .jpg
File:Thorin lo Hobbit 1977.jpgFile:Thorondir.jpgFile:Thorondor.jpg
File:Thorondor rescues Fingolfin's body.jpgFile:Thorondur.jpegFile:Thrain.jpg
File:Thrain Discovers the Lonely Mountain by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Thrain II Azanulbizar.jpegFile:Thrain II In Dol Guldur (2013).png
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File:Thranduil (BfME2).jpgFile:Thranduil Anke Eissmann.jpegFile:Thranduil LeePace.jpg
File:Thranduil The Hobbit (1977).jpgFile:Thranduil by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Thranduil e Oropher.jpg
File:Thranduil in battaglia by Anke Eißmann.jpegFile:Thranduil interroga Thorin by Anke Eißmann.jpegFile:Thranduil interroga i Nani by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Throne of morgoth.jpgFile:Thror and Carc.jpgFile:Thror by David t. Wenzel.jpg
File:Thráin II by Stephen Schwartz.jpgFile:Thráin I Christina Wald.jpgFile:Thrór Lo Hobbit .png
File:Thrór by Frédéric Bennett.jpgFile:Thuringwethil by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Théoden, Gandalf e Éomer.jpg
File:Théoden, Éomer e Ghân-buri-Ghân by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Théoden.jpgFile:Théoden (1978).jpg
File:Théoden (2002 - 2003).pngFile:Théoden 1980.jpgFile:Théoden e Grima.jpg
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