File:Entmoot.jpgFile:Ents fragment by steamey.jpgFile:Entulesse.jpg
File:Eofor.jpgFile:Eol Welcomes Aredhel.jpgFile:Eol and Aradhel .jpg
File:Eol attacks Maeglin by LuisFBejarano.jpgFile:Eol forges anglachel by oakenshield89.jpgFile:Eomer - Close up.png
File:Eomer and aragorn .jpgFile:Eomer at the coronation.pngFile:Eonwe.jpg
File:Eorl's arrive.jpgFile:Eorl and Ciryon presso Amon Anwar.jpgFile:Eorl e Cirion.jpg
File:Eorl e gli Étheód.jpgFile:Eorl guida gli Éthéod.jpgFile:Eorl il Giovane by Merlkir.jpg
File:Eorl suona il corno.jpgFile:Eorl the young.jpgFile:Eorl with Felaròf.jpg
File:Eothain rohirrim.jpgFile:Eowyn-vs-Nazgul-lord-of-the-rings.jpgFile:Eowyn 1978.JPG
File:Eowyn 1980.jpgFile:Eowyn 2002-2003.jpgFile:Eowyn and the witch king.jpg
File:Eowyn kills Witch King.jpgFile:Eowyn vs Witch King.jpgFile:Ephel Brandir.jpg
File:Ephel Brandir map.gifFile:Ephel Dúath.jpgFile:Epitaffio di Balin.gif
File:Eradan.jpgFile:Eradan of Gondor.jpgFile:Erebor by Richard Armitage.jpg
File:Erebor gate.jpgFile:Ered Echoriath.jpgFile:Ered Engrin map.gif
File:Ered Nirmais.jpgFile:Ered gorgoroth.PNGFile:Eredlominmap.gif
File:Erelas's Beacon LOTRO.jpegFile:Erenbrulli LOTR- War in the North.jpgFile:Erendis.jpg
File:Erestor-Magali Villeneuve.jpgFile:Eriador.jpgFile:Eric David Anderson - Men of Dale.jpg
File:Erkenbrand.jpgFile:Eru Ilúvatar.jpgFile:Esercito dei Noldor.jpg
File:Esercito del Nargothrond in marcia.jpgFile:Esercito di Rohan.jpgFile:Esercito isengard.jpg
File:Esgaroth-0.jpgFile:Esgaroth.jpgFile:Esgaroth by Denis Gordeev.png
File:Esgaroth governatore.jpgFile:Esplosione fuoco isengard.jpgFile:Este.jpg
File:Estelmo.jpgFile:Esterling.jpgFile:Esterling illustration.jpg
File:Esterling in marcia.jpgFile:Estë.jpgFile:Ethring.jpg
File:Everardo Tronfipiede.pngFile:Evoluzione delle stirpi degli Elfi.pngFile:Expert-trackers-art.jpg
File:Eämbar.jpgFile:Eärendil.jpgFile:Eärendil affronta Ancalagon by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Eärendil e Círdan.jpgFile:Eärendil e Elwing presso i Porti.pngFile:Eärendur.jpg
File:Eärendur di Andúnië.jpgFile:Eärnur e Mardil by Oznerol.jpgFile:Eärwen.jpg
File:Eöl.jpgFile:Eöl e Maeglin.jpgFile:Eöl visita Nogrod.jpg
File:Eönwe by gerwell.jpgFile:FIngolfin stands in front of Morgoth by rinthcog.jpgFile:Fabbro nanico by turner mohan.jpg
File:Facce morte.jpgFile:Fair Valley of Rivendell by Ted Nasmith.pngFile:Fajurecq5.jpg
File:Falas.gifFile:Falas map.gifFile:Falathrim.jpeg
File:Falco Paffuti-Baggins.pngFile:Fall of Nargothrond by Alan Lee.jpgFile:Fall of the erebor by deepwoodian.jpg
File:Family-Guy-Beacons.jpgFile:Fante di Marina di Gondor.jpgFile:Fanti di Gondor da Il Signore degli Anelli film.jpg
File:Fanuidhol.pngFile:Faramir, Éowyn e Elboron.jpegFile:Faramir2.jpg
File:Faramir David Wenham.jpgFile:Faramir assalito dai Nazgul by Anke Eißmann.jpgFile:Faramir cattura Frodo e Sam.jpg
File:Faramir davanti a Aragorn.jpegFile:Faramir e Aragorn by Anke Eißmann.jpegFile:Faramir e Boromir.jpeg
File:Faramir e Eowyn nelle Case di Guarigione.jpgFile:Faramir e Éowyn.jpgFile:Faramir ferito.jpg
File:Faramir ferito al cospetto di Denethor by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Faramir interroga Frodo e Sam by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Faramir nell'Ithilien.jpeg
File:Faramir son of Ondoher.jpgFile:Farin.jpgFile:Farm uccide Scatha.jpg
File:Farmer Giles of Ham (1983).gifFile:Farmer Giles of Ham by Alan lee .jpgFile:Fastred e Folcwine by Steamey.jpg
File:Fatty Lumpkin.jpgFile:Fatty at Bilbo's party.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Fazioni Third Age Total War.pngFile:Feanor vs Gothmog.jpgFile:Feanoreans - Family picture.jpg
File:Felaróf ed Eorl.jpgFile:Fellowship.jpgFile:Fengel.jpg
File:Ferdibrando Tuc.jpgFile:Festa Inaspettata by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Festa di Bilbo by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Festa di addio a Crifosso by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Fiasca di Miruvor.jpgFile:Fidanzamento tra Faramir e Eowyn.jpeg
File:Figli di Fëanor.jpgFile:Figli di Hurin icona.pngFile:Figolfin.jpg
File:Fili, The Hobbit (1977).pngFile:Fili, The Hobbit 2012.jpgFile:Fili by Tolman Cotton.jpg
File:Filiberto bolgeri.pngFile:Film pelennor.jpgFile:Fimbrethil by Luca Bonatti.jpg
File:Finarfin.pngFile:Finarfin ad Eärwen.jpgFile:Finarfin saluta i suoi figli by Elena Kukanova.jpg
File:Findis by ForeverMedhok.jpegFile:Finduilas by Elena Kukanova.jpgFile:Finduilas del Nargothrond.jpg
File:Fingolfin's grave.jpgFile:Fingolfin-vs-Morgoth.jpgFile:Fingolfin.jpg
File:Fingolfin Helcaraxe.jpgFile:Fingolfin e Fingon.jpgFile:Fingolfin e Melkor.jpg
File:Fingolfin nel Beleriand.jpgFile:Fingolfin vs Morgoth by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Fingolfin with Ringil.jpg
File:FingolfinvsMorgoth.jpgFile:Fingon's rescue of Maedhros.jpgFile:Fingon-and-Gothmog.jpg
File:Fingon.jpgFile:Fingon a cavallo.jpgFile:Fingon by Jenny Dolfen.jpg
File:Fingon salva Maedhros.jpgFile:Fingon vs Gothmog.pngFile:Finord e gli Uomini by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Finrod, Bëor e gli Elfi Verdi.jpgFile:Finrod.jpgFile:Finrod Felagund.jpg
File:Finrod e Amarië a Valinor.jpgFile:Finrod e gli Edain.jpgFile:Finrod rinuncia alla corona by .jpg
File:Finrod vs Sauron.jpgFile:Finrod vs Sauron by mysilvergreen.jpgFile:Finwe.jpg
File:Finwë e Indis.jpgFile:Finwë e Míriel by Jenny Dolfen.jpgFile:Firthofdrengist.gif
File:Fiume Celebrant map.gifFile:Fiume Fluente.gifFile:Fiume Incantato (2013).jpg
File:Fiume Lhûn.gifFile:Fiume Nimrodel.gifFile:Fiume Sirion.jpg
File:Fiume della Foresta by Tolkien.jpgFile:Flambardo tuc.jpgFile:Flotta di Númenor.jpg
File:Folca.jpgFile:Folcwine by Steamey.jpgFile:Fonti di Ivribi by Šárka Škorpíková.jpg
File:Fords of Isen aftermath.jpegFile:Foresta del Brethil.jpgFile:Foresta di Drúadan.png
File:Foresta di Eregion by ekukanova.jpgFile:Foresta di Fangorn.jpegFile:Forlindon map.gif
File:Forlond.gifFile:Forlong il Grasso by merlkir.jpgFile:Formenos, by feliche.jpg
File:Fornost2.pngFile:Forodacil del Rhudaur.jpgFile:Forodwaith.jpg
File:Forodwaith by Rob Alexander.jpgFile:Forodwaith map.pngFile:Forodwaith people.jpg
File:Fortezza di Maedhros.jpgFile:Fortezza di Maglor by enanoakd.jpgFile:Fortezza di Utumno.jpg
File:Forthwini.jpgFile:Forweg by Peet.jpgFile:Forze del Bene by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Fosso di Helm.jpgFile:Fosso di Helm by Hildebrandt bros..jpegFile:Fosso di Helm by John Howe.jpg
File:Fram uccide Scaha by Donato Giancola.jpgFile:Framsburg map.jpgFile:Francesco Amadio Carlo Cotton.jpg
File:Francesco amadio - merry and theoden.jpgFile:Fratricidio di Alqualondë by Alberto dal Lago.jpgFile:Frattalta by Matěj Čadil .jpg
File:Freca by Turner Mohan - Men are freer outside.jpgFile:Freccia Rossa.pngFile:Fred Luin Beleriand.png
File:Fred Luin Terra di Mezzo.pngFile:Freda.jpgFile:Fredegario "Grassotto" Bolgeri.jpg
File:Frerin.jpgFile:Frodo.JPGFile:Frodo 1978.jpg
File:Frodo 1980.jpgFile:Frodo Baggins.jpgFile:Frodo Baggins Gandalf Tells.png
File:Frodo Baggins and Sam Travel.pngFile:Frodo Baggins with Galadriel.pngFile:Frodo affronta Saruman by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Frodo and Sam at Mt Doom.pngFile:Frodo and the Nazguls.jpgFile:Frodo by Denis Gordeev.jpeg
File:Frodo canta al Puledro Impennato, by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Frodo canta nella locanda.jpgFile:Frodo e Bilbo by stephen hickman.jpg
File:Frodo e Boromir, by Anke Eißmann.jpegFile:Frodo e Sam lasciano Cirith Ungol by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Frodo e compagni nella Vecchia Foresta.gif
File:Frodo e lo Specchio di Galadriel by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Frodo gandalf ring.jpgFile:Frodo sings at the Prancing Pony (1978).jpg
File:Frodo vede Gollum by Anke Eißmann.jpgFile:Frodo vs Nazgûl by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Frodo vs Spettro dei Tumuli by Michael Herring.jpg
File:Frodob.jpgFile:Front1.jpgFile:Frumgar by merlkir.jpg
File:Fréa.jpgFile:Fréaláf Hildeson.jpgFile:Fréawine.jpg
File:Fuga da Cirith Ungol by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Fuga dei Fedeli by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Fuga di Aredhel e Maeglin.jpg
File:Fuga nei Barili by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Fuinur.pngFile:Fundin.png
File:Funeral of haldad haldar and the men of brethil by steamey.jpgFile:Funerale di Boromir, Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Funerale di Boromir by Andrea Piparo.jpg
File:Funerale di Boromir by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Fuoco di Minas Tirith, il Ritorno del Re (2003).jpgFile:Fuoco di Orthanc (1978).jpeg
File:Fuorilegge di Barahir by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Furto di Silmaril.jpgFile:Fëanor.jpg
File:Fëanor Dagor-nuin-Giliath.jpgFile:Fëanor banner.jpgFile:Fëanor by Jenny Dolfen.jpg
File:Fëanor caccia Melkor da Formenos by nequarilj.jpgFile:Fëanor con stemma.jpgFile:Fëanor e i Silmaril.jpg
File:Fëanor last stand.jpgFile:Fëanor ordina di bruciare le navi.jpgFile:Fëanturi.png
File:Fíriel.jpgFile:GLAURUNG.jpgFile:GONDOR PROVINCES 550px.PNG
File:G TygoXnz0I.jpgFile:Galadhon.jpgFile:Galadhrim vs Orcs.jpg
File:Galador of Dol Amroth.pngFile:Galadriel.jpgFile:Galadriel 1978.jpg
File:Galadriel Cate Blanchett.jpgFile:Galathil.jpgFile:Galdor.jpg
File:Galdor di Gondolin.jpgFile:Galion by Neldor.jpgFile:Gamil Zirak by Martin Fujan.jpg
File:Gamling.jpgFile:Gamling Lord of the Rings trilogy .jpgFile:Gamling by Daniel Govar.jpg
File:Gandalf, Bilbo e Balin by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf, Pipino e Denethor by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf-in-dol-guldur.jpg
File:Gandalf.jpgFile:Gandalf 1978.jpgFile:Gandalf 1980.jpg
File:Gandalf Witch-King.jpgFile:Gandalf a Minas Tirith by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf affronta Grima.jpg
File:Gandalf and Bilbo by David T. WenzelFile:Gandalf and the Balrog Upon Celebdil by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Gandalf by Fratelli Hildebrandt.jpg
File:Gandalf con Glamdring e il suo bastone.jpgFile:Gandalf confronts balrog.jpgFile:Gandalf crowns Aragorn as King Elessar Lord of the Rings Brothers Hildebrandt Return of the King painting illustration JRR Tolkien Archives.jpg
File:Gandalf e Aragorn by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf e Bilbo, by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf e Bilbo by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Gandalf e Bilbo liberano i nani, by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf e Frodo by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf e Frodo by Denis Gurdeev.jpeg
File:Gandalf e Thorin a Brea by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Gandalf e i Tre Cacciatori by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Gandalf e thorn by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Gandalf escaping.pngFile:Gandalf facing Witch-king.gifFile:Gandalf fugge da Isengard by Denis Gordeev.jpg
File:Gandalf fugge da Isengard by John Howe.jpgFile:Gandalf giunge nella Terra di Mezzo.jpgFile:Gandalf grande goblin.jpg
File:Gandalf icona.pngFile:Gandalf respinge i Mannari by Dens Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf the White vs Saruman.jpg
File:Gandalf vs Balrog.pngFile:Gandalf vs Balrog by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf vs Balrog by Petar Meseldzija.jpg
File:Gandalf vs Balrog by Ted Nasmith.jpgFile:Gandalf vs Denethor by Denis Gordeev.jpgFile:Gandalf vs Nazgûl a Colle Vento by Ted Nasmith.jpg
File:Gandalf vs Nazûl.jpgFile:Gandalf vs il Flagello di Durin.jpgFile:Gandalf with Narya.jpg
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