• Hi Daeron del Doriath,

    thanks for fixing that error I made with the links on "Wilcome Cotton I" earlier today.

    Another question: I'm not sure about the links on Prima Battaglia dei Guadi del Poros and Battaglia dell'Accampamento. Only one of the pages should link to en:Battle of the Camp, or else this would create errors (or even crashes) in the bot script.

    Have I linked the pages correctly?

    Have a nice weekend.

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    • Hello!

      Don't worry, it's partly my fault for implementing slightly different choices in dealing with homonymies in Hobbit family trees. I'm glad I spotted it right away... :)

      Yes, the pages are now linked correctly. en:Battle of the Camp should link only to Battaglia dell'Accampamento.

      Thanks again for your work with interlanguage links, you and your bot are real life savers in keeping us all connected ^^

      Have a nice day!

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    • You are very welcome, and thanks a lot for saying that.

      Just a little request: If you find any mistakes made by my bot, please leave me a short message. The mistake has probably already been copied into many other language versions of the article and otherwise it may be copied back with the next run. ;-)

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    • Un utente di FANDOM
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